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Please note, last date for orders is Tuesday March 5th, except for Ask First, Monkey! where I have to order the books by March 2nd. 


All book orders via this website come with a free copy of 'The Unstoppable Maggie McGee', by Juliet Clare Bell and Dave Gray!

Don't Panic, Annika! by Juliet Clare Bell and Jennifer E Morris

A fabulous story about staying calm.

Annika is a panicker! She panics when her coat zip gets stuck on the way to a party.
She panics when she can't find her favourite toy at bedtime. Mum, Dad and her brother try to show her how to stay calm in a crisis. But when she gets locked in the house, with the only keys out of reach, it's Annika who manages to solve the problem by herself.


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The Kite Princess, by Juliet Clare Bell and Laura Kate Chapman, read by Oscar-winning Imelda Staunton (in accompanying CD)

Cinnamon Stitch is a princess who longs to be wild and free. Her parents, the King and Queen, want her to be a 'proper' princess.


One day, a bedraggled Cinnamon is brought back to the castle in disgrace after swimming in the slimy lake and clambering up trees. But this time, instead of arguing, Cinnamon starts to sew, much to the delight of her stuffy parents.


Has she changed? Is she going to be a 'proper' princess and behave nicely and make beautiful dresses for herself? Or is she planning something very, very different, right under their noses?


Hardback with accompanying CD

Only 20 copies available!

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Two Brothers and a Chocolate Factory: The Remarkable Story of Richard and George Cadbury, by Juliet Clare Bell and Jess Mikhail

Richard Cadbury loves art; George Cadbury longs to be a doctor. Both love the outdoors and feel horrified by the terrible poverty they see in Victorian Birmingham. So how exactly does a chocolate factory fit into the story...? See what happens when two brothers combine their passions and skills and with incredible focus and vision turn their father's small failing cocoa factory into something quite extraordinary...



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Ask First, Monkey! By Juliet Clare Bell and Abigail Tompkins

Meet Monkey. Tickletastic Monkey. He's the best tickler in the world, ever; even his mum says so. And there's nothing he loves more than tickling ALL his friends at playtime!

But what happens if some of his friends don't want to be tickled?

This picture book shows children aged 3-6 what consent is and why it's so important. With parent and teacher guidance included, it is an ideal resource to use in the classroom to help young children understand issues of consent and personal boundaries, and to teach them to consider the feelings of others.

The book can be used in a variety of contexts
 - as an entertaining story, or as part of a lesson with the included guide for parents and carers - and its fun pictures and humour are guaranteed to keep the attention of young children across multiple readings.

An ideal tool to encourage early understanding of consent, 
Ask First, Monkey! helps to empower children to respect themselves and others, and teach them that a reason for 'no' is never needed - it just needs to be respected.



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Benny's Hat, by Juliet Clare Bell and Dave Gray

Benny's Hat (by Juliet Clare Bell and Dave Gray) is a picture book about sibling bereavement. It follows the fictional story of Friz, whose big brother gets sick and then dies. For more information, please go to www.pomelopip.com



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Luka and The Food Cloud, by Juliet Clare Bell and Dave Gray


Luka loves judo, videogames and his guinea pig, Bruno. And he really wants to go to his first ever party- but what about the food there? Luka has ARFID (Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Diorder) and eats only a very small number of foods. If he can get help with his ARFID, and more important, if other people can learn to accept that he eats different food from them, will he finally be able to go to the party? A story of courage, resilience, and how we can become accepting of other people's differences. 



Buy through this link, bring to World Book Day and I can sign it!

The Unstoppable Maggie McGee


“… I love this story! It’s beautifully told and I love the way it shows the power of the imagination to take you wherever you want to go….a great story [which] has something to say to all children…”

Malorie Blackman, Children’s Laureate 2013-2015 




Praise for Don't Panic, Annika!


“a reassuring read that your child will relate to and love” Parents in Touch


“a fun read aloud… full of life” Books for Keeps


“the rhythmic text… and the imaginative illustrations make for a lovely read”           Primary Times


“a great story to encourage independence and confidence … ” Carousel                                


A non-panicking Annika
A non-panicking Annika